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Thesis procedure in medicine

  • The Faculty of Medicine of Tunis is authorized to issue a PhD degree in Sciences in Human Biology.
  • Registration is open from early September to mid-December.
  • The conditions of acceptance of files, the charter of the thesis and the registration form are available for download.


FMT online course

University Doctorate Charter

Subscription request

Credit report Complementary training

Thesis of Human Biology


List of FMT teachers 201062018

Thesis remuneration form

Procedure of the State Doctorate Thesis in Medicine

Thesis Registration Form

Charter of Theses

Sheet of Theses Committee (Registration)

Guard page

Structured Abstract

Structured Abstract

References according to the Vancouver Convention

Designation of Thesis Rapporteur

Theses Evaluation Grid by the Rapporteur

Grid Methodology and Lexicon

Designation of the Thesis Jury

Thesis defense authorization

Sheet of Theses Committee (Defense)

Jury Invitation to Seat

Theses Evaluation Grid by the Jury Members

Thesis imprimatur

Catalogue des Mémoires 1994-2018_