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Evaluation and Docimology Committee

The evaluation of education is part of Tunisia in a regulatory framework governed by law 2008-19 of

February 25, 2008 on higher education

Creation of the Evaluation Committee: December 2008

  • Drafting of the Evaluation Charter *
  • Visit of the Evaluation Office of the Université de Montréal (2 members)
  • Development of Evaluation Tools: Evaluation Questionnaires
  • Awareness seminars with teachers and students

Pilot Experience : evaluation of the DCEM2: teaching at the faculty, internships and exams (distribution, retrieval and analysis of thousands of questionnaires). Heavy experience

  • Prioritize the evaluation of internships through logistical support from the Internship Directorate in the distribution and retrieval of questionnaires as well as the capture of student responses.
  • Integration of the “terminators” of the docimology, initiated by the late Pr Zaouche for the verification of the notes, within the Evaluation Committee

Organization into three subcommittees :

  • Internship Evaluation Subcommittee
  • A sub-committee for the evaluation of education
  • An Exam Assessment Subcommittee: Docimology
  • Development of a Roadmap for Examinations * to harmonize the examination procedure
  • Introduction, in addition to the systematic entry of notes for the verification of the totals, of the Docimological Analysis by the calculation of indices of docimological validation (indices of difficulty and discrimination) with a feedback sent to the teachers at each session of the session. review for continuous improvement of the question banks.
  • Establishment of 2 Teacher Training Seminars in Docimology
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